Richard D. Hayes was an Army lieutenant stationed in Frankfort, Germany during the Cold War when he actualized his interest in the law. He was assigned to represent a lieutenant who had slugged his sergeant. Dick’s winning defense was built on the premise that the defendant was suffering from a psycho-motor disorder. Rather than re-enlist, Dick decided to come back to the States and go to law school. From there, he went on to the National Labor Relations Board. One day he met Fred Sullivan and they soon learned they shared many of the same values and high standards for client service. They then decided to become law partners in the firm that continues to bear their names.

Given his experience, Dick is the firm’s resident specialist in the National Labor Relations Act and the management of employee relations and collective bargaining. Dick always puts the client first, ahead of billable hours, and over the years, ahead of summer vacations. Dick has built many long lasting client relationships – professional as well as personal. He is viewed by many as a trusted advisor and friend.

When asked to think about a career defining case, Dick is quick to cite the Westfield strike case. Working with Fred Sullivan, the pair secured an injunction against the UAW from federal court and experienced a series of victories that resulted in the employees coming out ahead while the shop remained non-union.

Outside of the firm, Dick reserves his free time for his four children and three grandchildren, and serves as president of the community association where he lives.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
United States District Court – District of Massachusetts
United States Court of Appeals – First Circuit