Lifelong friendship aside, Founding Partner Fred Sullivan believes Patrick W. McGinley is one of the finest attorneys he’s ever met. Patrick W. McGinley believes Fred Sullivan is 100% accurate in his assessment.

A member of the Bar for 52 years, Attorney McGinley has served on the New York State Supreme Court and the NYC Criminal Court. He’s been a prosecutor, a litigator, and an Administrative Law Judge for the Waterfront Commission of NY Harbor, a position he still holds. He was the New York City Commissioner of Investigation for four years and is a veteran of the United States Navy. Attorney McGinley attributes his long and interesting career to clean living and his dedication to the Olympic ideal.

When asked to join Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn by childhood stickball chum Fred Sullivan, Attorney McGinley heartily agreed. His status, Of Counsel, goes well beyond serving as a knowledgeable resource to his fellow attorneys. He’s called upon to try cases in the courts, a role he relishes and one in which he was recently described by a federal judge as a “superb trial lawyer.”

Patrick W. McGinley’s associates know they can also count him as a ready source of Oliver Wendell Holmes quotes. It’s therefore appropriate to describe Attorney McGinley’s career by saying, “Every calling is great when greatly pursued.”

New York, Appellate Division, First Department
United States Supreme Court
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, First and Second Circuits
U.S. District Court, SDNY, EDNY, District of Vermont