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Frederick L. Sullivan is one of the firm’s two founding partners. It was an early interest in labor relations that spurred him on to law school. He has always been fascinated by individuals who manage to create and grow highly successful businesses while maintaining their commitment to doing the right thing by and for their employees. These are the clients who tend to seek out the services of Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn.

He views his relationship with clients as “one part business consultant, two parts attorney.” He begins every client relationship with a thorough understanding of the client’s business culture, operations, and objectives. He then applies a deep understanding of the law to guide management through difficult employee matters in a manner that is lawful and cost-effective.

Fred is one of the preeminent employment and labor attorneys in New England. To describe Fred as having “written the book on” many pertinent matters in this specialized area of law would not be an exaggeration. His work and his reputation extend far beyond New England. Over the years, Fred has been flown across the country to help prevent a wildcat strike or serve as a trusted advisor in urgent employee matters.

The firm differentiates itself through its excellent representation of management in employment and labor matters. According to Fred, “The matters we deal with can make or break a company. If you had a heart condition, you would see a specialist. The same is true in this area of the legal matters that can and do arise whenever you have employees.”

Over the years Fred has served in a leadership capacity for a number of high profile community organizations and initiatives. Today, he devotes his time to his grandchildren and the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Committee and enjoys relaxing with his wife in the gardens she tends.

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